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Wild Republic Sweet & Sassy Monkey Purple - 30cm
Model No: ST-MON-01

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Our Price:  $ 14.99

A 30cm Sweet & Sassy Monkey Purple soft toy.
The famous toy and gifts manufacturer Wild Republic.
So it is give attrective noise.
It's eyes of made black plastic colour.
Body is purple in colour and hand,legs are white in colour.
Meet Mali the Pygmy Chimpanze! A Pygmy Chimp is also known as a Bonobo and is part of the Great Ape family. At San Diego Zoo, he likes to eat leaves, stems, fruit, worms and insects.
He can walk upright and has a patch of hair on his head that parts right down the middle.
As a full grown adult he could weith more than 100 pounds and stand up to three feet tall. And now meet his smaller cuddly 20cm replica, Mali the Pygmy Chimpanze soft toy,
Mali the Pygmy Chimpanze is one of ten cuddly characters based on the animals at San Diego Zoo in California including Orson the Jaguar soft toy and Silver the Giraffe soft toy.
Each has their own personality and story so check out the other cuddly characters from San Diego Zoo and find your favourite! Suitable from 1 year.

Product Details:

Size : 30cm
Washable : Yes
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 August, 2010 .
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